Men and Mental Health: A damaging Stigma

Epilepsy Avenger

Mental health among men has been described as a silent crisis, largely because men are much less likely to seek treatment for mental health challenges than women.

In my blog post I will discuss mental health issues among men, why differences between the sexes may exist, and why we think the tide might finally be turning on the culture of stigma and shame when it comes to men’s mental health.

Depression and anxiety disorders are the most common mental health conditions and while they affect women at higher rates than men, over 6 million men struggle with depression and over 3 million men struggle with panic disorder or phobias in a given year. However, depression often manifests differently in men than women. Men are more likely to appear irritable, lose interest in their work or hobbies, or have difficulty with sleep.

Among adults, men are 2 to 3 times more…

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