Day 26. Mental health awareness week! πŸ’šπŸ’™

I’ve been down for a couple of days but the fog is lifting finally and that’s mostly down to the great messages of support and great banter. I’ve heard before to just watch comedy films or stand up and it obviously works!!

I didn’t start pulling out of it until later today, but I’ve been out, taken care of a few things and although the weather is totally the British miserable norm, my mood has lifted. Achieved all of the small regular goals but also made it for an appointment, which is going to help my battle no end. Yep, the dreaded 6 months psychology that I’ve been lucky enough to have been offered. Focusing mostly on CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), retraining my thought processes and differentiate between rational and irrational thought a lot quicker, and graded exposure to get used to the bangs and loud noises that instantly make you think ‘Contact’, diving for cover. Embarrassing, especially in Asda!!

Now the fog is lifting, I’m starting already to think about coping mechanisms so I can manage better the next time Cujo jumps me. Talking is the best way to fight these battles but it has to be with the right person and not necessarily someone who understands your issues either. I find speaking to someone with character and a bit of personality the best. But it’s not the same with everyone and it’s up to you who you feel best talking to. The other adopted strategy for me is going out, no matter how hard you have to push yourself. After being out for only five minutes, I guarantee your mood will have lifted if only slightly.

Now that I’m on the way back up, I intend to use the weekend as a stepping stone getting ready for an awesome week next week. I’m going to treat myself kindly, spend some time out in nature and push myself in to human contact and conversation. I’m actually going in to town tomorrow with one of my new found brothers, on a SATURDAY!! This is unheard of for me and will be an adventure, a test of my resolve and learning curve for future excursions.

So my friends, enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to be kind to yourself! Much love!

Thanks again for the motivational messages! Together we’ll beat this.

Till tomorrow folks.


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