Day 30. My personal fight back and daily battles against mental health issues.

I haven’t posted in a few days, I needed a break from constantly thinking about my issues and seeing how I can try to move forward without draining every ounce of positivity and motivation in the process. So I rode it out, only doing things that needed doing and keeping myself entertained on here, Netflix, film downloads etc, anything to relax me and put a smile on my face including chit chat with friends. I haven’t beaten the night terrors though, this problem, although not regular comes and goes. What I have done is not allow it to define my daytime moods or dictate that it’s in control. Well it isn’t, I’ve harnessed it and rammed it back in the box it came from.

Today I woke in the most awesome mood, I obviously needed that small break! My morning routine kicked straight in and almost without thinking. Great, the habit is starting to take. I took a walk then realised I’d walked the length of the Rodwell trail (length of Weymouth almost) before turning round and walking back. No stress, no drama, no anxiety. 3 hours and a clear head!

Without wasting a single drop of motivation I took care of all my admin. Made appointments, payments and filled in paperwork and sent back. Stripped my room, washing done and dinner cooking. AWESOME!!

Incase you didn’t notice I’m feeling quite chuffed being back at the top of the hill! As always any thoughts, comments or suggestions are most welcome. Thanks for reading! Much love!

Till next time.



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