The Black Dog is Biting.

Now is the time. It’s the time to ask the questions you need to know answers to. I’m down, I can’t shake it this time and I’m better informed than most on this topic…

I don’t know why, nor can I make any sense or put my thoughts in order.

My curtains are closed, my door locked and the thought of human contact unbearable. The black veil of impending doom clouding everything I turn my eyes to.

The Black Dog is back.

Back with a vengeance, back with purpose. I’m tired of trying to figure out his reasoning, I just want to be well again. Not have to fight daily for happiness.

I know I’ll be ok though, the cloud will lift. But for the time being I have to ride it out, keep using my strategies and coping mechanisms. One will work…. eventually.

If you too are struggling today, drop us a message, we have great people on the page who are more than happy to listen and give informed advice where needed. It costs nothing but your time.


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