My hat comes straight off to any person who looks after a loved one with mental health troubles. Stands tall and deals with everything that these illnesses can bring. Unsung Hero’s! Well If you’re a Caregiver and struggling a bit with it all just now, don’t worry,…

I run various bits and pieces, one of which is a dedicated group (purposely kept small) for wonderful human beings like yourself. We have an awesome and dedicated support team, all mental health sufferers in some capacity, most also trained in various mental health services etc. We keep the group small so we can give each person the attention that they deserve. I’m going to free up 20 spaces, first come, first served so please consider this an invitation to The Caregivers Tea Break….

Alternatively, if you’re a sufferer who needs support, motivation, an ear to bend, in crisis or even just want to be part of the family then please come and join us in Unspoken Battles on Facebook. It’s a larger group (about 1400 now) with the same awesome people waiting on hand to lend an ear to any who needs it. Our members in the group are quite interactive and we have tonnes of fun entertaining, or helping when needed. Our joint experience as a team is something that’s very rare! Here’s the link….

Much love!

Till next time

Dan 😉👍


  1. My son is really stuggling at the moment, he said last night he dont see the point of being here
    And every day is a battle,
    He refuses to see the doctor as the last lot of pills made him worse
    What can i do ,its breaking my heart to see his family suffer

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    1. Hi Carole, thank you for reaching out. You’ve done exactly the right thing. I’m going to help you. It’s up to you as to whether we discuss discuss this in an open forum or if you’d prefer privacy? I’m ok with either, just whichever you’re most comfortable with. Drop me a line back and we can make suitable arrangements then. I’ll keep my phone close. Speak soon. Dan


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