Day 148 (b). A few ideas to help you manage anxiety.

I’ve said many times in my ramblings over the last few months that my pledge is to, if you have any ideas for me to try in my journey, that I’ll try everything at least once. I’d say that so far I’m keeping up with about 60/70% of that promise so I’ll try harder, after all, your suggestion be the golden snitch that’ll win me the game, so I have to try! Here I’m starting a series of posts (6 in total) with some simple grounding techniques and info to help with your anxiety. Remember though, not everything works for every individual, but you don’t know unless you try. Don’t feel defeated, deflated or even despondent if some things don’t work out, there’s so much I have to talk about, my knowledge is growing by the minute and I have a serious thirst for facts and input! So, have a little go with some of these.


I’m not a big fan of this personally, I want to use the excuse “I’m a boy, it’s too girly”, but I can’t, some of my hardened brothers and comrades swear by it,
whether they are oil form, incense or candle, scents like Lavender, Chamomile or Sandalwood can be very soothing. Aromatherapy is thought to help activate certain receptors in the brain, potentially relieving anxiety. Also generally well thought of with sleep problems. Oh and yes! It works for me occasionally but don’t tell anyone I said that.

Go for a walk or partake in a little exercise, Yoga is supposedly perfect…

I do use walking as a distraction, but yet to try Yoga, wearing the tight fitting outfit would no doubt get me in to trouble somehow so I’ll leave Yoga to you folks!
Walking away from an anxiety inducing situation can be very effective, I’ve also found that walking in to anxious moment can also work. I don’t, by any means, suggest that anybody makes their anxiety worst, I do these things for two reasons, one, I have to push my limits, and two, because I’m so stubborn that it’s obvious I’m a Taurus. Though taking the time to focus on your body and not your mind may help relieve your anxiety.

Write down your thoughts…

Putting pen to paper, detailing the negative thoughts and emotions that are on your mind, gets it out of your head and it can become less daunting. Everything about this one I love! Most individuals that I’ve suggested it to have benefited in some way, seeing your thoughts written so you can visualise can help you to rationalise them.

Practice focused deep breathing…

There’s lots of variations with this technique, for instance mine is 5&8, breathe in for 5 and exhale for 8 counts. But, I was shown by a practicing Buddhist monk. Try breathing in for 4 counts and then out for 4 counts for 5 minutes total. Evening out your breathing, you slow down your heart rate which may in turn help to calm you down. This strategy helps me a lot, especially when I need to ground and gain back control in a hectic situation, like a busy supermarket for example.

Question your thoughts…

Negative thoughts can take root inside the mind and distort the severity of a situation. Ask yourself, out loud if needed, whether there’s really a need to be afraid? Then see at which point you can take back control. I use this with great success

Manage your triggers…

When you figure out your triggers, try to limit exposure to it wherever possible. Some common triggers are listed below (in no particular order and just to give you an idea).

• Stressful environments

• Driving or traveling

• Genetics

• Withdrawal from drugs/other medication/alcohol

• Side effects of certain medication

• Trauma, Phobias or other mental illness

• Chronic issues or illnesses like heart disease, diabetes or asthma

• Caffeine, tobacco or alcohol.

Do a daily, or routine meditation…

Whilst this can take some practice to do successfully, mindful meditation, when done regularly can eventually help you train your brain to dismiss anxious thoughts when they arise. If sitting still and concentrating is difficult, try starting with Yoga.

Change your diet…

changing your diet or taking supplements can take up to 3 months to make an impact and before starting out on this path it’s ideal to speak with your G.P. But, research shows that it can help in anxiety reduction. Foods and supplements that apply are things like lemon balm, Omega-3 fatty acids, green tea, valerian root, kava-kava and the little known about dark chocolate, but in moderation.

I shall leave it there for now otherwise it’ll be too long a read before work today! Keep the private messages and calls coming, I truly think sharing is caring and we all have something to offer in any given situation whether it’s an ear to listen, a great piece of advice or a tip to try a new idea. Be kind to yourself before anybody else. Much love!

Till next time


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